rspcsee.org » SEECP PA Plenary sessions » 9th Plenary session, 2 June 2022, Athens


Athens, 02 June 2022

The SEECP Parliamentary Assembly:
Reaffirming the principles stipulated in the Charter of Good Neighbourly Relations, Stability, Security and Cooperation, signed in Bucharest in 2000, as the founding document of the SEECP
Recalling the Declaration on the Inauguration of the SEECP Parliamentary Assembly, adopted in May 2014,
Guided by the Rules of Procedure of the SEECP Parliamentary Assembly which establish the functioning of the SEECP Parliamentary Assembly,
Supporting the priorities and planned activities of the Chairmanship-in-Office,
Expressing the willingness to strengthen SEE Synergies,
Aware that development through optimum use of existing regional platforms as well as EU mechanisms contribute to regional growth and prosperity,
Recalling the initiative of the Athens Chairmanship-in-Office that supported the first SEECP General Directors for European Affairs Meetings on November 4th, 2021 and May 16th, 2022,
Estimating the establishment of good neighbourly relations and respect for the basic principles of international law and order - as they are set down in the UN Charter,
Reaffirming the importance of the parliamentary cooperation among participants of the South Eastern European Cooperation Process Parliamentary Assembly in order to enable all parts to take their share of responsibility in confronting regional challenges,
Recognising the global crisis caused by recent challenges upon main aspects in everyday life,
Underlying that contemporary threats to human rights do exist,
Expressing deep concern about the effects climate change will bring on various fields
Foregrounding that only by solidarity and commitment for enhancing regional and global consultations on sustainable development goals we can show competence against augmented environmental needs,
Have agreed to:
Reaffirm the prominent role of the SEECP PA in reinforcing the stability, prosperity and well-being in South-East Europe,
Deploring and condemning the illegal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by armed forces of the Russian Federation
Expressing our solidarity with Ukraine, its government and its friendly people,
Call on all participants of the SEECP to respect the EU sanctions
Encourage the SEECP Parliamentary Assembly to fully support all EU candidates, potential candidates and other aspiring participants in the process of their European accession and in countering common challenges in line with the EU criteria
Request the SEECP Parliamentary Assembly to support the establishment of a visa-free regime for all SEECP participants with the EU
Commit to support readiness on sharing best practices in various fields and assist efforts in any possible way to overcome existing challenges,
Work together on fields of common interest in order to strengthen mechanisms and regional institutions for response to the growing environmental crisis,
Call on the SEECP PA participants to implement activities in order to achieve environmental protection within the frames of sustainable economies,
Encourage legal, scientific, technological and commercial cooperation in the field of sustainable development in order to support energy supply security,
Promote exchange of knowledge and experience among SEECP Parliamentary Assembly participants regarding innovation and technical support for unencumbered circulation of goods of the agri-food chain,
Stress the importance for SEECP PA participants to undertake long-term plans to reach low emissions targets by mobilizing local authorities, civil society as well as the private sector to contribute,
Urge the SEECP participants to invest in scientific research and ensure that experts work is aligned with modern technology and use it as a means of preventing potential dangers that may accelerate climate change,
Express its full support to the development of synergies between projects that includes renewable energy efficiency measures implemented with innovative solutions