News GC on Social Development, Education, Research and Science convened in İstanbul 21 April 2017 SEECP PA General Commitee on Social Development, Education, Research and Science held a meeting in İstanbul under the chairmanship of Mr. Hakan &Ccedil;AVUŞOĞLU, member of&nbsp; the Grand National Assembly, Ankara.<br /> <br /> The Committee adopted report and draft resolution on Cooperation in Higher Education in the region of South-East Europe. The draft resolution highlights the need to contribute to the internationalization of higher education by strengthening the existing networks of cooperation among SEECP participants in higher education in line with the Bologna Process. It also recommends to SEECP Participants to adopt measures aimed at facilitating the mutual recognition of diplomas and qualifications through intensification of efforts for the negotiation and finalization of agreements in all levels and in all forms.<br /> <br /> <br /> rspcsee2017-04-26 14:24:11