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International Conference and 9th SEECP PD Meeting, 15-16 April 2013, Skopje
11 April 2013

On 15 -16 April 2013 in Skopje, the Assembly and the European Movement are organizing an International Conference on the topic: “European integration through cooperation of the parliaments, the civil society and the independent regulatory bodies in South East Europe". The International Conference is continuation of the Conference held in Belgrade (April 2012) and is aiming at establishing sustainable dialogue and exchange of experience among SEE countries for synergy and coordinated action of the bodies of the state, the non-governmental organizations and other independent entities regarding European integration processes.

The focus of the three panel discussions is put on the new challenges in the European integration processes, the issues of democracy and human rights between legislation and reality; and the aspects of solidarity of parliaments, civil society and independent regulatory bodies in overcoming the effects of the economic crisis.

In the same period, on 16 April, the SEECP Working Group will hold its 9th Meeting which will be dedicated to the preparation of the draft documents for the 10 Conference of the SEECP Speaker Parliaments, scheduled for 27-28 May in Ohrid.

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