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Since its inception in 1996 the SEECP encompasses on the one hand the region’s determination to foster peace, good neighborly relations, economic and social security and on the other hand the perspective and aspirations of SEE countries to join European and Euro-Atlantic structures.
The process of European integration helps the countries from the region to build their own capacity by adopting and implementing EU law, as well as European and international standards.

EU Members Since Useful Links
1981 Committee on European Affairs
2004 National Assembly
2007 Committee on European Affairs
and Oversight of the European Funds
Committee on European Affairs

 The Committee on European Affairs
(Chamber of Deputies)
2013 European Affairs Committee
EU Candidate Countries
Candidate status since
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1999 Relations with EU
Committee on European Issues
Relations with EU
Committee on International Relations and European Integration

Relations with EU
2012 European Integration Committee
The Delegation of the EU to the RS
Relations with EU

European Integration Committee

Relations with EU 

EU Potential candidates
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Joint Committee on European Integration


 Committee on Foreign Policy and European Integration