Parliament, Tirana 

The unicameral Assembly / Assembly/ Kuvendi i Shqiperise/ consists of 140 seats. Members are elected by popular vote to serve four-year terms.
They were last held on 23 June  2013.


Election results

Socialist Party of Albania - 65 MPs
Democratic Party of Albania - 50 MPs
Socialist Movement for Integration  - 16 MPs
Party for Justice, Integration and Unity - 4 MPs
Republican Party of Albania - 3 MPs
Unity for Human Rights Party - 1 MPs
Christian Democratic Party of Albania - 1 MPs

President of the Assembly: Ilir Meta

Parliamentary Committees:

Standing Committees  

- Legal Issues, Public Administration and Human Rights
- National Security Committee

- Economy and Finance Committee
- Foreign Policy Committee
- Work, Social Issues and Health Committee
- European Integration Committee
- Productive Activity, Trade and Environment Committee
- Education and Means of Public Information Committee

Official website:
     www. parlament.al