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7th SEECP PA Plenary session, 24 June 2020, Prishtina
30 June 2020
On 24 June 2020 SEECP Parliamentary Assembly was gathered for its 7th Plenary session. It was organized in videoconference format under the Chairmanship of the Parlament in Prishtina.

Agenda of the session :
- Adoption of the the Agenda;
- Opening speech by the President of the SEECP PA Dr. Vjosa Osmani Sadriu;
- Discussion of the Speakers/Heads of delegations on the topic of the 7th Plenary Session of the SEECP PA: " Prospects of regional cooperation in the post-pandemic era: time for a greaterintegration? "
- Speeches from regional and international organizations;
- Presentation and adoption of documents of the General Committees;
- Discussion on the seat of the Permanent Secretariat;
- Adoption of the Final Declaration.

https://rspcsee.org/assets/userfiles/7th Plenary Session/FINAL%20DECLARATION.docx

https://rspcsee.org/assets/userfiles/7th Plenary Session/RESOLUTION_GC_EDUCATION..._Sofia_%2017%20_March_2020_ADOPTED.pdf