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Rule 4
Organizational Structure

The General Committees on 1) Economy, Infrastructure and Energy, 2) Justice, Home Affairs and Security Cooperation, and 3) Social Development, Education, Research and Science shall be composed of members of the national delegations. The reports of the General Committees and the draft documents submitted by the Rapporteursshall be considered at the Plenary Sessions. The General Committees shall hold short meetings for electing their Chairpersons inthe margins ofthe annual Sessions in the country holding the Chairmanship-in-Office or other regular meetingsin one of the SEECP Participating States.

Rule 11
General Committees and Ad hoc Working Groups
The composition of the General Committees and their Chairpersons shall be determined at the annual sessions.
Every national delegation shall have at least one member in each of the General Committees.
Each national parliament shall nominate at least one deputy member in each of the General Committees.The presence of at least half of the national delegations shall constitute the quorum for the General Committee sessions.
The Chairperson of a General Committee shall be elected from among its members, for a one year term, by a simple majority of votes cast in a secret ballot. If due to obvious reasons, the so elected Chairperson cannot exercise its full powers, his / her national parliament will designate in due time another member of that parliament to take over ad-interim the Chairmanship of that Committee for a Committee meeting or until the end of that term.    
If no candidate has obtained a majority, a second ballot shall be held between the two candidates having obtained the highest number of votes in the first ballot. If there is only one candidate running, the candidate shall be declared elected by acclamation.
Ad hoc Working Groups can be established based on a decision from the Plenary Session and on proposal of the Standing Committee for the purpose of assessment of the situation in a certain area or establishment of facts on certain events. The Ad hoc Working Groups shall work until they submit a report on the issue for which they were established.
The General Committees shall propose to the Standing Committee Rapporteurs for every issue under consideration.
With the exception of the specific procedures detailed within the present Rules of Procedures for the General Committees,the otherprocedures set out for the Plenary Session shall also apply with regard to the work of the General Committees.
The working meetings of the General Committees and their documents shall not be open to the public.
The procedures set out for the General Committees shall also apply with regard to the work of the Ad hoc Working Groups with the exception of the quorum for the decision making within the Ad hoc Working Groups which shall be two thirds of the national delegations.