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The institutional perspective spelled out in the Charter on Good Neighbourly Relations, Stability, and Security develop intensively and the different political formats endorse the decision making on the region’s priorities and joint initiatives.

The highest level in the entire framework - meetings of Heads of State and Prime Ministers is entrusted with establishing the perspectives for development of the process and is entitled to be the highest forum for recommendations and discussions.

The next level - meetings of Foreign Ministers is entrusted to manage the implementation of common objectives. These meetings became regular not only in official, but also in informal formats.

The main operative authority is the Committee of Political Directors consisting of the political directors of Foreign Ministers of participating countries. The Committee of Political Directors is to gather every three months to coordinate the work and monitor progress.

Different sectoral ministers meetings also took place in the field of economy, trade, telecommunications, energy, interior affairs, culture.

Annual Conferences of Speakers of Parliament outline  political priorities and working programmes of the Parliamentary Dimension of the SEECP. In 2014 SEECP Dimension was transformed in SEECP Parliamentary Assembly

The Troika is formed by the representatives of the current, past and future SEECP Chairmanship-in-Office.