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SEECP PA International Conference 5-6 November 2015, Sofia
12 November 2015
On 6 November Bulgarian Chairmanship in Office organized in Sofia International Conference “South-East European Cooperation Process Parliamentary Assembly – Regional Synergies, Strategic Cooperation and Parliamentary Diplomacy" with participation of delegations of all SEECP PA member parliaments, members of the European Parliament, representatives of regional organizations and international parliamentary experts. 

The Conference was opened by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Sofia Ms. Tsetska Tsacheva in her capacity of SEECP PA President and by the Deputy Foreign Minister of Bulgaria Mr. Valentin Poriazov. In her addresss to the participants Ms Tsacheva said " We are the ones who hold the key to restoring the citizens' trust in their representatives. The road to this recovery goes through improving the quality of parliamentary diplomacy and broadening of parliamentary co-operation. The Bulgarian Presidency has set as its goal finalizing the process of institutionalization of SEECP PA and the deepening of its strategic co-operation with the European Parliament".

International Conference programme included three thematic panels:

- Strategic parliamentary cooperation: defining and implementing regional priorities. Synergy with regional initiatives and non-governmental sector

- SEECP PA and parliamentary diplomacy: Creating and managing relations with international and regional organizations

- The role of the SEECP PA in the European integration processes. Cooperation with the European Parliament

In the Conclusions of the Conference the participants outlined the need of strengthening the role of SEECP PA as a leading factor in the region and establishing a mechanism for monitoring the implementation of SEECP PA General Committees’ resolutions. Priority importance was given to developing of institutionalized cooperation between SEECP PA and the European Parliament.

Programme of the International Conference