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The parliament of Kosovo is unicameral, consisting of 120 deputies, 100 of whom are elected in proportion, and the remaining 20 are seats for national minorities as follows: 10 for Serbs, 4 for Gypsies, 3 for Bosnians, 2 for Turks and 1 For the gorges (Bulgarian Muslims).

Chairman of the National Assembly: Kadri Veseli

Last elections were held on 11 June 2017

Election results:

Democratic League of Kosovo 31 MPs
Democratic Party of Kosovo  31 MPs
Alliance for the Future of Kosovo  7 MPs
Kosova Demokratik Türk Partisi   2 MPs
Democratic Party of Kosovo   1 MPs
Vakat Coalition   2 MPs
Demokratische Partei der Aschkali des Kosovo  1 MPs
Vetëvendosje  17 MPs
Public Administration International  1 MPs
Neue Demokratische Partei  1 MPs
LB 1 MPs
Neue Kosovarische Partei der Roma  1 MPs
NPK  6 MPs
Ägyptische Liberale Partei  1 MPs
PS  1 MPs
Progressive Demokratische Partei  1 MPs
Independent 18 MPs



Functional Committees

Website: https://www.kuvendikosoves.org/?cid=2,1