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Structure: The unicameral National Assembly (Državni zbor) consist of 90 seats.
Members are elected for four-year terms.

President of the National Assembly: mag. Matej Tonin

Elections: Last held on 3 Juny 2018

Election results:

Slovenian Democratic Party Deputy Group (SDS)
List of Marjan Šarec Deputy Group (LMŠ)
Social Democrats Deputy Group (SD)
Party of Modern Centre Deputy Group (SMC)
The Left Deputy Group (The Left)  
New Slovenia – Christian Democrats Deputy Group (NSi) (NSi)
Party of Alenka Bratušek Deputy Group (SAB)
Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia Deputy Group (DeSUS)
Slovenian National Party Deputy Group (SNS)
Italian and Hungarian National Communities Deputy Group (IHNC) (PS IMNS)


Parliamentary Working Bodies: 

Commission for Petitions, Human Rights and Equal Opportunities
Commission for Public Finance Control
Commission for Public Office and Elections
Commission for Relations with Slovenes in Neighbouring and Other Countries
Commission for the National Communities
Commission for the Rules of Procedure
Commission for the Supervision of Intelligence and Security Services
Commission of Inquiry to determine the abuses in the Slovenian banking system and to determine the causes and responsibilities for the already second rehabilitation of the banking system in independent Slovenia
Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Food
Committee on Culture
Committee on Defence
Committee on Education, Science, Sport and Youth
Committee on EU Affairs
Committee on Finance and Monetary Policy
Committee on Foreign Policy
Committee on Health
Committee on Infrastructure, Environment and Spatial Planning
Committee on Justice
Committee on Labour, Family, Social Policy and Disability
Committee on the Economy
Committee on the Interior, Public Administration and Local Self-Government
Constitutional Commission
Council of the President of the National Assembly

Official website:  https://www.dz-rs.si/wps/portal/en/Home