Parliament, Tirana 

The unicameral Assembly / Assembly/ Kuvendi i Shqiperise/ consists of 140 seats. Members are elected by popular vote to serve four-year terms.
President of the Assembly: Mr. Gramoz Ruçi

They were last held on 25 June  2017.


Election results
Albanian Socialist Party 74 MPs
Democratic Party of Albania 43 MPs
Socialist Movement for Integration 19 MPs
Party for Justice, Integration and Unity 3 MPs
Social Democratic Party of Albania 1 MPs

Parliamentary Committees:

Standing Committees  

- Legal Issues, Public Administration and Human Rights
- National Security Committee

- Economy and Finance Committee
- Foreign Policy Committee
- Work, Social Issues and Health Committee
- European Integration Committee
- Productive Activity, Trade and Environment Committee
- Education and Means of Public Information Committee

Official website:
     www. parlament.al