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Legislative power is exercised by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (unicameral parliament), which consists of 550 MPs elected through general and direct elections for a four-year term.

Chairman: Binali Yildirim

Last elections 24 juny 2018

Parliamentary groups after the election

Party of Justice and Development 295 MPs
People's Republican Party 146 MPs
Democratic Party of Nations 67 MPs
Party of nationalistic action 49 MPs
Good party  43 MPs

The Committee on Constitutional Legislation
The Committee on Justice
The Committee on National Security and defense
The Committee for Internal Affairs
Committee on Foreign Affairs
The Committee on Science, Education, culture and sports
Committee on Transport and Construction
The Committee on Environmental Issues
The Committee on Family and Social Issues
The Committee on Rural and Forests еconomic
The Committee on Industry, Technology and energy Complaints Committee
Budget Committee
The Committee on State
Economic enterprise
The Human Rights Committee
The Committee on Adaptation to European Union
Committee on Equal Opportunities Women and men
Official website: http: //www.tbmm.gov.tr/english/english.htm