Croatian Parliament - HRVATSKI SABOR  

According to the 1990 Constitution, the Hrvatski Sabor may have a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 160 members, who are elected directly by secret ballot based on universal suffrage for a term of four years.
Currently the Hrvatski Sabor has 151 members who were elected on 11 September 2016 elections
The Hrvatski Sabor convenes regular sessions twice annually: the first session runs between 15 January and 15 July, while the second session runs from 15 September to 15 December. The Hrvatski Sabor can also hold extraordinary sessions at the request of the Hrvatski Sabor , the Government or a majority of parliamentary deputies.

President of the National Assembly:  Gordan Jandrokovic

Last elections were held on11September 2016.

Composition after the elections:

Croatian Democratic Community and Partners  61 MPs
People's Coalition 54 MPs
Bridge 13 MPs
Living wall 8 MPs
Irish Democratic Union 3 MPs
Milan Bandic 365 - Labor Party and Solidarity 2 MPs
Croatian Democratic Union of Slavonia and Baranya 1 MPs
- another 9 MPs

 Committees of Hrvatski Sabor
Committee on the Constitution, Standing Orders and Political System
Legislation Committee
European Affairs Committee
Foreign Policy Committee
Domestic Policy and National Security Committee
Defence Committee
Finance and Central Budget Committee
Committee on the Economy
Tourism Committee
Committee on Human and National Minority Rights
Judiciary Committee
Labour, Retirement System and Social Partnership Committee
Health and Social Policy Committee
Committee on the Family, Youth and Sports
Committee on Croats outside the Republic of Croatia
War Veterans Committee
Physical Planning and Construction Committee
Environment and Nature Conservation Committee
Education, Science and Culture Committee
Agriculture Committee
Committee on Regional Development and European Union Funds
Committee on Maritime Affairs, Transportation and Infrastructure
Elections, Appointments and Administration Committee
Interparliamentary Co-operation Committee
Committee on Information, Computerisation and the Media
Gender Equality Committee
Local and Regional Self-government Committee
Credentials and Privileges Commission
Petitions and Appeals Committee

Official website:   https:// www.sabor.hr