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National Assembly, Sofia

Structure. The unicameral National Assembly /Narodno Sabranie/ consists of 240 seats. Members are elected by popular vote to serve four-year terms.

Elections. They were last held 26 march 2017.


Election results.
GERB - 95 MPs
Bulgarian Socialist Party - Left Bulgaria - 80 MPs
Movement for Rights and Freedoms - 25 MPs
Patriotic Front - 27 MPs
Volya12 MPs

President of the National Assembly: : Tsveta Karayancheva

Parliamentary Committees:

► Standing Committees

Budget and Finance Committee
Committee on Legal Affairs
Committee on Economic Policy and Tourism
Energy Committee
Committee on Regional Policy, Urban Development and Local Self-Government22 Members of the Parliament
Foreign Affairs Committee
Defense Committee
Internal Security and Public Order Committee
Committee on Agriculture and Food
Labor, Social and Demographic Policy
Committee on Education and Science
Commission on Children, Youth and Sports
Commission on Health
Committee on the Environment and Water
Committee on Transport, Information Technologies and Communications
Committee on Culture and Media
Commission on Interaction with Non-Governmental Organizations and Citizens' Complaints
Commission on Religious Denominations and Human Rights
Commission for Combating Corruption, Conflict of Interest and Parliamentary Ethics
Committee on European Affairs and Oversight of the European Funds
Commission on Security Services Control, Application and Use of Special Intelligence Means and Access to Data under the Electronic Communications Act
Political Affairs Committee for Bulgarians Abroad
Commission to monitor revenue agencies and fight against the gray economy and smuggling
Standing Subcommittee on Public Sector Accountability to the Budget and Finance Committee

Official website: https://www.parliament.bg/